Very few people enjoy being photographed all day long. People soon grow tired of being told where to stand and where to look. I see my job as your wedding photographer to blend in as much as possible so you feel comfortable and can enjoy your day. That gives me more chance of capturing the candid moments of your wedding day, and the personality and emotions of the people involved. Ideally I like to photograph people without them being aware of it. So I tend to look out for people who are concentrating on something else, doing up a button, laughing, crying or engaged in conversation.

But there is more to capturing a wedding day than candid shots.  I will speak to you in detail before the day about the portrait and group shots required.  These may be those shots taken just before leaving for the ceremony, group shots immediately following the ceremony, and time spent with you and your bridal party before the reception.  For more details on how I approach the day see my pricing information.

I look forward to talking to you about photographing your wedding day, wherever  it be be around Tasmania.